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Why we fail to manifest – The number one mistake we all commit in the manifestation process

With the buzz going around the Law of Attraction and the numerous tools of manifestation, most of us have time and again have tried their hands on attracting the life they desire. However, in spite of saying out the affirmations, practicing visualisations and applying numerous other techniques, we find that we fail miserably. We are left dejected and even start doubting if the law of attraction exists in the first place.

So does the law of attraction exist? Yes, it does. But why do most of us fail in applying this universal law and fail to attract the life of our dreams? Let us try to understand this. The Law of Attraction works on the frequency which we are emitting to the Universe. The Universe is only a mirror to our inner states, our feelings, and vibrations. The Universe only reflects the emotions and feelings which we are emitting to the Universe. Once we raise our frequency, we would be in the flow of effortless co-creation. It is here that most of us fail. In order to raise our vibrational state to attract what we want, we must first accept who we are now. It is important that we accept ourselves fully and completely, exactly we are at the present moment. It is seen that we complain of our health, our finances, our relationships etc. and in that state we aspire for better health, prosperity harmonious relations etc. What we fail to understand is that we cannot open the door to a new future as long as we resist our current state of being. And this resistance keeps us in the same vibrational state and prevent us from going up to higher vibrational scale.

Our words don’t have a meaning unless they are matched by our emotions. You may say your affirmations a hundred or thousand times but unless you resonate the same feelings, the affirmations will never work. Saying “I am financially abundant” while your emotional state shout at the Universe, “Look I am broke” will never help.
The key to attracting things into your life is to be in the present moment. As Abraham uses the term vortex and tells us to get into the vortex, it is very important that we need to be in our vortex always. Vortex, as explained by Abraham is a vibrational state of being that is the precursor of all positive motion forward of all that is. It is alignment to the Source and that you are one who you really are, you are feeling good and in vibrational alignment with your desires.

We are Source energy, created in the image and likeness of our Source. We cannot help but create. We are always creating…either grief, sadness, anger, hatred, misery etc.. all of which we have created in our past or joy, happiness, abundance which we want to create. The choice is ours that what we want to create.
The only thing which is the barrier which stops us from our creation is our vibrational state. Therefore we must make conscious efforts to enter into our vortex time and again and when we are in our natural flow, magic and miracles flow into our lives.

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