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Theta healing

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Every individual has the power to heal himself or herself. As all of the diseases have emotional causes, spiritual healing is very effective in curing and healing as it is directed on our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, which is beyond the physical body. And when the spiritual healing takes place from The Creator of All That Is, the healing is instantaneous and most effective. In Theta Healing, you are not the healer, God is the healer.

Theta Healing is a healing modality where spontaneous healing takes place in the theta state of brain wave through connecting with the Creator of All That Is using focused prayers and intentions. Theta Healing spontaneously brings about positive changes in all aspects of our beings. Spontaneous shifts can be seen and felt when one connects with the Creator of All That Is.

In the Theta Healing Basic and Advanced Course, you will learn

  • Introduction of Theta Healing and its History – You will learn how Theta Healing was found, the amazing power of your thoughts, the different brain waves, and the seven planes of existence.
  • Theta Healing Technique and Connecting with The Creator of All That Is– We will teach how to enter the theta brain wave state and travel through the seven planes of existence and reach the seventh plane and connect with the Creator of All That Is through a specially guided meditation and learn to give specific commands for spontaneous healing to occur.
  • Digging and Belief Work – Through practical exercises you will learn digging into your deeply held beliefs at your core, genetic, ancestor and soul level and change those belief patterns at all the levels for instant healing to take place. You will also learn to pull out beliefs for others through practical exercises.
  • How to Be Deliberate Co-Creators and Manifest the Life of your Desires by directly working with the Creator of All That Is
  • Removing of fears and phobias, understanding of psychic attacks, psychic hooks, wayward spirits, and implants and how to remove them.
  • Removing of oaths, vows and curses which you have taken in your previous lives which you are not even aware and these are affecting your present life and presenting blocks to a smoother life.
  • Working with the DNA, DNA Activation, Gene Replacement for healing genetic diseases and remain youthful
  • Giving power downloads into your system to remove all blockages.
  • Doing Future Readings
  • And Much more…

When you do the course, then only you can experience the vastness of the course. After successful completion of the course, you will be a practitioner of Theta Healing®. Certifications will be provided approved by Think® USA.

If interested, please contact us for more information. For groups, we can hold courses at your location.

We have experienced theta healers who provide private consultations in Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, India and also through skype and distance healing.


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