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What appears is not the ultimate truth. What we perceive ultimately depends on our knowledge and experience. Can we say that our existence is just merelyphysical??? What is that which is beyond this physical form,which gives us the sense of our existence and existence ofour deceased ancestors?Belonging to the Army, you all must be aware of the story of Baba Harbhajan Singh, a soldier in Indian Army, who died in Sino- Indian War of 1965. It is believed that his spirit protectsevery soldier posted in the Nathula Pass. Some Indian soldiers believe that in the event of a war between India and China, Baba would warn the Indian soldiers of an impending attack at least three days in advance. Baba Harbhajan Singh is still on the government roll, and every month, salary is sent to his family.

So what is it that is blocking usto feel and experience which is beyond our physical senses andalso could bring a shift in our lives to be limitless…If any of these questions intrigue you and you have the desire to know more about it, then I would say…WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF HEALING

The meaning of the word Healing is to become whole – whole not to the stage before the onset of any lacking butto the wholeness as it should be.

There are many forms of healing and healing can occur on all levels- physical, emotional and spiritual (soul). The most popular healing on the physical level is the modern day conventional medicine.  There have been many breakthroughs in the medical field; however conventional medicine works only on the physical aspects. It works on the curing of symptoms and treats the human body as purely physical.

It is scientifically proven that everything including human body is energy butit appears to be solid…. But if the human body is energy, then the question arises what causes illness to the body (energy).

On the physical level,we know that a human body is not exactly the same today as it was yesterday. Every breath we are takingof each inhalation and exhalation,we are recycling our bodies by breathing out 10 22atoms into the Universe.By the end of one year, the whole body is completely recycled.In such a scenario, the question still remains that when every atom changes then why we are still carrying on the diseases to the new cells. The explanation to this is that the one thing which is not changing is consciousness.

Therefore, when we treat diseases considering the human body as only physical body, healing fails to occur at deeper levels.

We also know that every thought we think, every emotion we feel, every intention we hold and every experience we encounter, shape our brain and our physical body. Through numerous studies, it has been found that when we worry about a future condition or worry that a particular illness may occur and continue focusing on that thought, the physical body physiologically changes itself in order to prepare itself for the future scenario. The body will respond in a manner that the future condition has already manifested in the present. The autonomic nervous system gets activated and the corresponding stress chemicals are synthesized leading to the onset of the disease. Louise Hay, the famous author has ascertained that each and every disease has an underlying emotional cause. For example, lack of joy causes heart problems, self-criticism cause’s headachesand cancer is caused due to deep hurt and resentment and so on. Therefore the thoughts and emotions are the building blocks of our energy which ultimately manifest on physical reality. Now we understand we are energy but this energy is completely dominated by the emotions, thoughts and patterns which create and manifest anything and everything in our lives. The holistic healing world is not limited only to the physical factors, it works on purely on the consciousness level i.e why and what has made us to live in this consciousness (the kind of life) which is limiting our selves.

In the healing world we believe that all the thoughts and beliefsare accumulationof allthe experiences which are stored in usat different levels…

  • The first beliefs and experiences are passed on to us as soon as we get into the physical body and is passed to us at the genetic level. Genes donot only give us physical structure but also carry mental and emotional beliefs passed on to us by our ancestors. Healers have experienced even the curses are also sometimes passed on from one generation to the next…
  • The second most important belief which is the deepest one coming to us at soul level comprises of what all one have experienced in pervious life times and iscompletely entangled with our karmas and unresolved issues of many life times all together creating very strong beliefs. Sometimes certain kind of fears likes fear of water, snakes etc are also related to past lives…
  • The third type of belief is passed on to us by community consciousness. This can be passed on to us by direct teaching and also at energy level as the entire community have their own energy of consciousness…
  • The fourth type of experiences and beliefs is created by the free will of the soul, which simply means that what we wish to create by our desires and will…
  • The fifth type of experiences we experience is at the energy level which only affects our psyche. This is called as activememory of the land. These are the memories (energy)of all that happened on that land absorbed the form of energies, i.e. the history. For example if you buy a land which was a cemetery for many decades, its energy will be different than which wasa farm land.

All the above experiences whether at physical or at energy level which a soul goes through, makes itlose its true nature and true potential,it becomes weaker with time and space. Humans have the awareness of time, spaces and objects, whereas animals lack this ability. That is why human birth is so precious and the purpose of it is to realize the true self which is also called as enlightenment. So coming back to the true self is the key…

Ancient texts of Upanishads and Vedas and teachings of sages show that all is directed to one thing – that is to become one with the Cosmic Consciousness,and that by tapping into our individual potential energies and individual consciousness one gets immediately connected to the Cosmic Consciousness. Bybecoming one with the cosmic energy one can delete or create anything with their will. This can be creating in this physical world or going beyond this manifested world made of illusion…

Cosmicconsciousness is the source of all the manifestation and beyond all that is…I would here like to quote Albert Einstein, Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Focused thoughts can bring about instant manifestations; that is the power of thoughts and beliefs.  There are numerous stories about miraculous healings where people have healed themselves by holding positive thoughts, emotions, practicing meditations or even have laughed their way to health. Dr Joe Dispenza had fractured his six vertebrae in a car accident and chose not to undergo a must surgery and used the power of his mind to resurrect his vertebrae and he could walk in three months. Modern day healing techniques like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, use of affirmations, visualizations all work on changing the thoughts and belief patterns.

However, all modern day healing techniques have their roots in the ancient healing systems of Hinduism. Many healing techniques which are presented before the world by the Western countries have been based on our ancient knowledge.

Out of the various healing modalities available, It is difficult to say which healing modality is better, as it all depends on the individual, how he connects to a particular modality. Only one thing one has to understand that fore.g. if you give all the tools to someone and tell him to repair the car he won’t be able to do so. Tools are the technicians and the car is the life. Any healing would work for you; it all depends on the faith, belief and the soul’s desire to get healed.

Everyone should learn the ancient science of healing that is creating news throughout the world and people all over the world have found this ancient Indian knowledge which have changed the course of life. In conclusion, my suggestion to the readers will be to step into the beautiful world of healing to heal your life and soul.

Author: Kapil Kumar Bhaskar

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