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People with whom we work have seen big changes in their lives. Our clients have experienced transformation in their health, finances, relationships and are more stress free, relaxed and confident. People from all over India, United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia etc. have benefited from our healing programs, courses and meditation.

It was really a great experience when i met Kapil for the first time and the way I got clarity on certain issues in a simplest manner. Really it was amazing looking forward for more in future. Great experience. Thanks a ton. Loads of good wishes.

Jasbir, Delhi, India

I think words can never be enough to describe how much thankful I am to you. You have been a true friend, perfect teacher and a mentor. The knowledge you have is beyond amazing. The calmness in you is beyond words. Your life experiences have taught many of us as to how we can grow in life. Spirituality is something which is vast and you are somebody who knows the exact meaning of it. Your healing modalities, teaching pattern is way too different from others. My personal experiences during sessions are amazing. If only I could what I have seen and felt with my close eyes. I can keep on praising you Kapil Sir. Loads n loads of love and good wishes for you. And thank you is really a small word I suppose for what you have done for me and all of us.

Aastha Rawal, Delhi, India

It’s been nearly a year since I started my association with Anubhuti of InnerSelf. I always wanted to know more about mysterious world of spiritualism but was always scared as there are so many frauds in this line. When Nilanjana sent me the invite for an angel session it started my journey in the spiritual world and changed my life. It’s been an awesome journey so far. I see changes in my life for better. I had issues with confidence, was stressed and had financial problems. With Kapil and Nilanjana’s help I overcame these issues to see positive change in my personal and professional life. Best part is that both Kapil and Nilanjana like true gurus have been around to advice whenever I needed it and they are not judgmental, which puts one at ease and helps to be open. Looking forward to next phase of this amazing journey with my gurus.

Bindu Ramachandran, New Delhi, India

Just two words – Astoundingly brilliant. While I can’t exactly say how I came in contact with Anubhuti of InnerSelf, but of this I am absolutely sure that this was one of the best things in my life. The experiences of meditations and classes are amazing. For me it is like a “portal of grace” has opened. I just want to say, “Thank you, Kapil..” I am full of gratitude towards you. I feel blessed to be in touch with you. Thanks again.

Meetu Maini, New Delhi, India

I have been knowing Kapil and Nilanjana since last one year now. Learning about angels with both of them was a wonderful experience. Have experienced miracles, and also my life changed towards betterment. I have been fortunate to have found Kapil and Nilanjana who guided and made me experience a different world of angels. Thanks

Puja Chamoli, Dehradun, India

Dear Kapil ji, I find it difficult to express my gratitude in words for the compassion and good feelings that you have for me. Last one and a half years has been a journey of self exploration with you. It has not only brought me mental peace but has improved my relations with peers. I have never in life met a more practical guide as selfless as could be and has full faith and conviction in the Divine Power. Your life is an inspiration to me. Thank You.

Vandana Goel, Muzzafarnagar, India

God exists and is everywhere. We just need a master, a guru, a friend to show that path.Kapil Ji & Nilanjana Ji, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to show me that path, guidance & support.It has helped me to bring that energy and positivity in me and I am sure my practice on regular basis will be an add on.Its a wonderful experience, journey and a platform for enlightenment.

Kanwar (KT)

THanks guruji (kapilji) for realising me who i m, Meditating with you is such a great experience, I want to share thats onces i was in meditating with you i feel I reached at maa vaisno devi . & she blessed me thanks for support & guide me …

Now I also Want to surrender meself to the feet of guru. thanks once again I also want to thanks Urvasi ji For support to us.. Dear Guruji, Now i can see & experience +ve changes in my life Thanks for being with us & pls keep bless me & guide me.. thanks a lot …. namah shivaya…


Thanks kapil for all the support and being there. I must say your vision to reach out to the people to guide them in their own inner journey with your courses is unique with a personal touch..

“Aura so magnetic which instilled in me a faith so strong”..All the best.


Anubhuti of InnerSelf supports HIV+ kids, orphans, slum children and destitute women.Come and join us