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Bindu Ramachandran, New Delhi, India

It’s been nearly a year since I started my association with Anubhuti of InnerSelf. I always wanted to know more about mysterious world of spiritualism but was always scared as there are so many frauds in this line. When Nilanjana sent me the invite for an angel session it started my journey in the spiritual world and changed my life. It’s been an awesome journey so far. I see changes in my life for better. I had issues with confidence, was stressed and had financial problems. With Kapil and Nilanjana’s help I overcame these issues to see positive change in my personal and professional life. Best part is that both Kapil and Nilanjana like true gurus have been around to advice whenever I needed it and they are not judgmental, which puts one at ease and helps to be open. Looking forward to next phase of this amazing journey with my gurus.

Anubhuti of InnerSelf supports HIV+ kids, orphans, slum children and destitute women.Come and join us