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Change your Words… Change Your World

We all know that we create our reality through our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. That means what we focus we attract. Besides, thoughts, beliefs and emotions, words which we use also play a significant role in creating our reality. Positive words can help us raise our vibrations where as when we indulge in conversations using negative words, leads to draining of our energies. When we are exposed to criticism and negative words, we pick up the energy of the negative words and feel our stomac


Every thought we think, every emotion we feel, every intention we hold and every experience we encounter, shape our brain and our physical body. It is a well-known fact, with full proof scientific evidence that the mind causes physical symptoms.  Most of the modern lifestyle diseases are psychosomatic in nature involving both the mind and the body. World Health Organization reports that mental disorders are amongst the leading causes of ill health worldwide. Therefore we find that mind plays

Change Your Life through Affirmations

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha Have you ever noticed the self talk we do with ourselves? If we notice carefully, most of the time, we indulge in negative self talks with ourselves. “I am not good enough.” “I can never be rich.” “I will never find my soul mate.” These sentences sound so familiar. And when we continuously say negative sentences to ourselves, these negative situations also manifest


I see the world the way I have painted it….. ------ Kapil Kumar Bhaskar The ability to think is what makes us different from all living species on this planet. That itself speaks volumes about the importance of the ability to think….I remember what my mother used to teach me as a child… As is our thought…So is our Deed…So is our destiny……. It took me years to understand the depth of this age old saying. Yes, it is true… we are what our thoughts make us. R W Emerson, the famous