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Use the Energy of Full Moon for Cleansing and Manifestations

Full Moon is associated with high energies which can play havoc to one’s emotions and make one go crazy. However full moon is also the time for releasing and cleansing and letting go of things, habits, behaviours, attitudes, people, situations, emotions which do not serve any longer. Full moon is also the night when strong manifestations occur. So here are two simple rituals for releasing and manifesting. Full Moon Ritual for Cleansing: For both the Cleansing and Manifesting Rituals, it is b

Why we fail to manifest – The number one mistake we all commit in the manifestation process

With the buzz going around the Law of Attraction and the numerous tools of manifestation, most of us have time and again have tried their hands on attracting the life they desire. However, in spite of saying out the affirmations, practicing visualisations and applying numerous other techniques, we find that we fail miserably. We are left dejected and even start doubting if the law of attraction exists in the first place. So does the law of attraction exist? Yes, it does. But why do most of us

Mastering the Technique of Manifestation and Deliberate Creation

The world I live in is Only my reflection ... I can't change the reflection to make it (world) Appear Beautiful ... I have to Change Myself to change the reflection. Everything around you is energy. If you can experience this simple fact.. You will be nothing short of a magician, as you can create ANYTHING if you can manipulate this energy. Even your thoughts are nothing but powerful waves of psychic energy and so understand this clearly that you can create anything in your life with your tho