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Seven Signs that tell that Angels are around Us

Angels are divine beings who love to help us and talk to us. You need not have anything special to hear the messages of angels. You need to just increase your awareness to listen to the angels and receive their guidance.

Angel guidance comes in the form of messages which you can hear in your mind, through dreams, receiving insights through our thoughts and feelings.

Angels often communicate with you through signs and they leave hints and clues which guides you to your higher purpose. They would continuously draw your attention to the signs, which you cannot give a miss. In the beginning, these signs may seem insignificant, but as time progresses and with your awareness, these signs will catch your attention. Signs from the angels are a gentle reminder that angels are around you and they love and support you.

When you witness a sign from the angels, just be aware and thank your angels for their love and support. Here are the common signs which angels leave for us to pick up their guidance and let you know that they are around you. As you will learn to connect with these signs, you can become more aware of the presence of your angels and communicate with the angels and receive the guidance which our loving friends are trying to give us.

Common Signs of Angels

1. Feathers:

featureIf you find feathers in your path, it means that angels are around you. If you are worried, and you see a feather, it means that the angels are telling you not to worry and release your worry to the angels.

2. Coins

coinsFinding coins is a sign that angels are telling you not to worry about your financial concerns. Notice the feelings which you were having just before you found the coin. Also observe what is written on the coin – the date, place and see if you have a connection with them.

3. Flashes of Light

FlashesSeeing flashes of light, orbs are all indications that angels are surrounding you. When you see the flashes of light, just breathe and acknowledge their presence and ask them to wrap you in their angelic glow.

4. Scents or Perfumes

PerfumesHave you ever smelled of a sweet smell without being able to identify the source? It could be a sign that angels are surrounding you. You may also notice a smell of a perfume which your deceased loved one used to wear to tell you that they are near you and love you from the heaven.

5. Rainbows

rainbowRainbows are a sign of answered prayers from the angels. If you asked for something from the angels and soon after you see a rainbow, it is a strong indication that your prayers have been heard and answered by the angels.

6. Feelings

FeelingsIf you feel that angels are near you – don’t doubt. You may feel that someone has walked past you, you may see an outline or you may feel a sudden sense of warmth. The angels are trying to make their loving presence felt to you.

7. Signposts or Advertisements

SignpostsWhen you start connecting with angels, angels will give you messages through sign posts, advertisement boards, pamphlets etc. The exact messages which the angels want you to act upon will appear before you continuously. If you ask for guidance from angels, they will show you similar words or phrases or numbers or names for more than three times, which is a angels way of telling to take up the cue and act. When I came to know that Archangel Gabriel is with me, the name Gabriel used to pop up everywhere, thereby giving a confirmation that Gabriel is there with me.

You should start connecting with angels and you will see the angels pleasantly guiding you in all aspects of life.
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