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Set Your Intentions for the New Year and Make 2018 an Awesome Year

Dear Beautiful People, there are only couple of days left before we make entry to 2018. As is every New Year, the powerful vibrational energy of 2018 is a wonderful opportunity to manifest our goals and dreams.

2018 is all the more powerful as it is an 11 universal year. The number 11 signifies connection with the divine, spirit guides, increased intuition, manifesting your dreams and goals. As we know that whenever we see the angel numbers 1 or 11 or 111 or 1111, they signify aligning to your soul’s path.

New Year ’s Eve is a time for cleansing, letting go of your fears, limitations or anything that does not serve your purpose, gratitude for the amazing things that happened in the previous year and manifesting of goals and your desires.

Here are few rituals to do at the end of December and to welcome the new year.

1. Time for Reflection

Towards the end of the year, take out time to reflect upon the year that has passed by. Celebrate and congratulate yourself for your achievements. It is time to reflect and let go all that did not serve you and be thankful to those experiences because of these experiences you learnt all the lessons.

2. It is time to clear the Clutter

Look around your home and clear out all the clutter that you no longer use. It is interesting to note that Italians throw out their old furniture during the New Year Eve which symbolises that you are ready to forget the past and welcome the New Year. In other cultures too, people clean their homes and spaces to make way for the new.

3. Write down your Goals

In a new journal write down your goals, which you want to manifest in 2018. Be clear and specific. If you want to get clarity on your goals, dreams and wishes, just imagine yourself at the end of 2018 and doing this exercise. See yourself achieving all of your goals. What are those? A perfect health.. A new job.. finding your soul  mate. Visualise yourself having all of them and then write it down. No matter how big or small that goal is, write each and every goals and dreams of yours.

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