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If you feel stressed out, depressed, suffocated, and confused in a relationship, certainly it is time to take action to heal your relationships than to sit back and worry and see the relationship deteriorate further.

Relationships form an important part of our life, yet we often see sufferings in most of our relationships, whether it is with our parents, our partners, our children, our colleagues. Often we see similar patterns in all of our relationships and we continue to attract such relationships which are devoid of love and harmony. In spite of putting our 100 percent, we fail to find love and harmony in our relationships and blame the other person for failed relationships.

In our consultations, we go beyond the surface and retrieve the belief patterns which have caused such a situation. Through healing and coaching, we heal the emotional pain you are going through and also release and resolve the issues and the belief system that are resulting in such relationships.

People who have joined our coaching and healing sessions, have reported a marked improvement in their relationships and have brought back love and harmony in all of their relationships.

We offer special counseling and advice to heal the relationships between husband and wife, parents and children and in all your relationships to bring about harmony and mutual respect in those relationships.


Anubhuti of InnerSelf supports HIV+ kids, orphans, slum children and destitute women.Come and join us