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Infinite Possibilities Ring – World of Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities Ring (IPR) – a divine blessing from the Divine Sadhguru Sai (Shirdi Sai Baba).

Congratulations, now you are in hold of this amazing invention developed by Kapil, through his immense knowledge passed on by Adi Gurus and divine masters, (who visited him out of the physical form) and with the divine blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba.

The IPR holds the divine energies within it and has the potential to heal anything and everything. Be it your physical and emotional health and well being, your finances and career, your spiritual growth… name it and the IPR will heal any aspect of your life.

IPR is easy to use. Just hold the IPR in your hand and make a simple request and see the magic unfold. To get the fullest benefit, you must wear the IPR all the time.

IPR is in form of a bangle which needs to be worn in your hand

What Can the Infinite Possibilities Ring do for you?

Here are some benefits of Infinite Possibilities Ring:

  • IPR is an effective and powerful healing tool, which is easy to use and can heal any physical illness, pain, disorders etc. without any side effects.
  • IPR brings about harmonious, healthy, fun loving and happy relationships.
  • IPR cures all kinds fears and phobias
  • IPR transforms negative emotions into positive emotions and eliminates stress, depression, worry, anger, irritation, grief etc.
  • With IPR, you can make huge profits in your business
  • With IPR, you can move out of the stagnant career and get your dream job, get the promotion and the raise.
  • Be in protective shield of IPR 24 hours and protect yourself from psychic attacks, black magic, evil’s eye and other negative energies
  • IPR is a healer’s delight as healing becomes much faster and more powerful
  • You can enhance your spiritual development and go in deeper levels of meditation with IPR
  • Your connection with the Divine grows stronger and you can remove any blocks in your spiritual growth
  • Negative vibes of a place i.e. home, office, shop etc. due to wrong Vastu or negative energies can be removed with IPR
  • IPR balances all the chakras and increases the aura of its users
  • With IPR in your possession, you are the Master of your Life and lead an abundant life in all aspects of life

This is not the end of the list. Use your imagination and intention to attract anything into your life.

Ways to Use the Infinite Possibilities Ring

IPR is very easy to use that even a child can use it. Here are the few simple ways to use the IPR.

1. Just hold the IPR in between both of your hands and think of any illness, situation, emotion, issue etc. and say a silent request, “Please heal this issue for me forever now and let the healing continue till the issue is resolved.” Meditate for five minutes and IPR will heal the situation.

2. You can charge your affirmations with the IPR. Think or write down the affirmation on a piece of paper and then hold the IPR in between both of your hands and repeat your affirmation. Meditate for five minutes and your affirmation will be charged with the energies of the IPR. You can place the IPR on your affirmation.

3. You can place the IPR on the affected body part or organ and request healing. Meditate for five minutes and healing will take place.

4. IPR can activate the Divine Healing Codes and bring about instant healing. For this you need to hold the IPR in between both of your hands and say, “Please activate the Divine Healing Code 33 96 816 for my wellbeing.”

You will get all the Divine Healing Codes with the instructions manual when you order for the Infinite Possibilities Ring

4. IPR is a boon for healers as healers can give commands to the IPR. Healing through the IPR is much faster, powerful and effective. Also, healers while healing have the protection and shielding of the IPR and will not be affected by the negative energies of the patients.

5. Just by simply wearing the IPR, you will attract love and harmony into your life. Your chakras get balanced and your aura is enhanced.

Here are salient features points of Infinite Possibilities Ring which will answer most of your queries about this powerful healing tool

1. IPR has divine energies which have the power to heal and correct any illness, situation, emotions, finances, career, issues etc. in the world. You can combine with your healing practices, affirmations, switch words etc. There are limitless applications of the IPR. Use your imagination.

2. Each IPR is attuned by Kapil with divine healing energies and once attuned, it will not get discharged nor its energies will get depleted or reduced.

3. IPR does not have any side effects or ill effects as it does not draw your energies which is the case with other healing modalities.

4. You can say commands to the IPR in any language.

5. IPR has its own intelligence and once a request is given, it works till the time healing is required. Some issues are more serious and would require more requests.

6. You can use the IPR every time 24 X 7

7. You can always wear the IPR.

8. If someone does not prefer to wear the IPR, they can carry it along with them in their purses or wallets. But if you wear it, your chakras will be balanced and your aura will increase.

9. It can be used for anyone. After using for one person, IPR does not require cleaning or purification to be used for another person.

10. Any person of any age can use the IPR. Students can use it for better concentration, improved memory, better focus etc.

We would like to request that Use IPR only for good cause and not to bring harm to anyone. As the IPR is a divine intervention, it will bring only good but when you inflict harm on anyone, even the intention results in karmic issues. As it is a Divine healing device, please give respect to the IPR as you would give respect to Divine beings.

Here is what few IPR Users have to Say:

One day while I was driving, I started to have gastric pain. Suddenly I remembered about the IPR which I had taken from Kapil. I held it in my hands and requested the IPR to heal my pain and within minutes, the pain was gone. I am now regularly using the IPR and finding the amazing benefits of IPR.” …. Priya

It was an amazing experience with the IPR. It was the first time I was using it and I requested to heal a crisis situation which happened at my office. At that time I was not at office and after few minutes when I called up my office, the situation was resolved.” …Indu

One night I woke up with severe muscle cramps in my leg. It was terrible. I grabbed my IPR and within minutes the cramp was gone. I am using my IPR and I have gifted them for my family and friends too.” ….Nilakshi

I have been using IPR for over two months now. With IPR I could release my emotional issues and blocks coming since past many years. I am feeling lighter and my physical health is also improving.”….Anjana

“IPR is a boon. From the first day itself, I could see a change in my life. Many situations which were stuck got cleared. I have got the IPR for my whole family and everyone is enjoying its benefits.  Thank you Kapil”… Neha

There are many other users of Infinite Possibilities Ring who are witnessing massive changes in their life.

IPR and Healing is matter of faith

To order the Infinite Possibilities Ring, you may mail at or call at +919811226529. We deliver inside and outside India.


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