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How to Incorporate Reiki in Your Daily Life?

Reiki is an effective tool which you can include in your daily routine to have a more peaceful and stress free life. When you include Reiki as part of your daily ritual, you will experience an overall well being, in your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual aspects of life. Your energy and vibrations will be uplifted.



There are many ways to incorporate Reiki in your daily life:

1. When you wake up in the morning, infuse your prayers and intentions for the day with Reiki. You can do self Reiki for energising and balancing yourself.

2. Before you go out for work, protect and shield yourself against negative energies. You can even shield and give protection to your children and family members.

3. Before leaving your home, you can send Reiki to your car and to the trip and have a smooth travel. If you are going outstation and staying in a hotel or any other place, you can send Reiki to that place.

4. If you are going for some meeting / interviews/presentation, you can send Reiki for a favourable outcome.

5. Bless and energise your food and water by sending Reiki energies to the food and water before eating/drinking.

6. If you have pets, you can send Reiki to them. Send Reiki to your plants and you will find the flowers and plants blooming and healthy.

7. If you have arguments with anyone, you can use Reiki to heal the negative situation

8. Cleanse the negative energies of your home, office etc. through Reiki. You can draw huge Reiki symbols in all of your rooms or visualise Reiki energies filling your entire house.

9. You can connect to divine beings, angels, your guardian angels with the help of Reiki symbols. You can also incorporate Reiki symbols in your daily meditation practices.

10. Before going to sleep, by giving Reiki to self, you can have a sound undisturbed sleep.

There are many other ways apart from the ones listed above, which you can use in your daily life. Just use your imagination and use Reiki and see your life change.

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