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How to Heal Yourself and Others with Reiki Healing

Reiki – An Intro to this Amazing Healing Technique


All of you have a curiosity about the healing technique of Reiki, how can it help you, how to become a Reiki healer, how to heal self and others. So here is a brief article to give an overview of this ancient healing technique. We will discuss the Usui Reiki system developed by Japanese monk Dr. Mikao Usui.

In Reiki healing, the healing takes place by channelling of the universal life force energy for healing. The term “Reiki” is based on two Japanese words “Rei” and “Ki.”
“Ki is the internal life force or energy that circulates in our bodies and maintains mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance and wellness. The word “Rei”, on the other hand, reflects the external energy field that surrounds us all. In Reiki healing, the “Rei”, the universal life force flows through the Reiki practitioner to the patient and brings about the balance of the internal life force energy.

Anyone can practice Reiki and it has no religious affiliations. The only pre-requisite of healing through Reiki is that a Reiki practitioner needs to be attuned to Reiki by a Reiki Master. And once attuned, a Reiki channel always remains. The energies don’t get depleted.

Different Levels of Reiki


Reiki is divided into various levels. As one goes through the different levels, their vibrations and connections to their Higher Self grow.

Reiki Level 1:  This is the first level where one is attuned to Reiki level 1 and is taught the hand positions for self-healing. There are no pre-requisites and anyone can get attuned to Reiki Level 1.

Reiki Level 2: In the Reiki Level 2, one is attuned to the Reiki Level 2 and the Level 2 symbols. In level 2, one learns the three Reiki symbols i.e. Cho Ku Rei (Power Symbol), Sei Hei Ki (Emotional Healing Symbol) and Hon She Ze Sho Nen (Distance Healing Symbol). The symbols are powerful and after Level 2, one is not only able to self-heal, give healing to others and also send healing through distance. Those who are attuned to and practising Reiki Level 1 can get attuned to Reiki Level 2.

Reiki Level 3: In the Reiki Level 3, the Dai Ko Myo or the Master symbol is given to the Reiki practitioner. The Master symbol is said to be the most powerful symbol in the Reiki. Those who are attuned to Reiki Level 2 can get attuned to Reiki Level 3.

Reiki Master and Grand Master Levels: In the final two Master levels, one is taught how to give attunements to others.

Reiki is an amazing healing tool whose benefits are infinite in all aspects of your life. Once you start practising Reiki, you will surely start noticing massive beautiful changes in all aspects of your life.



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