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How to Connect with Your Guardian Angels

Each one of us has guardian angels who are always with us all the time from the time of our birth until the time we are in our physical bodies. There are at least two guardian angels who are protecting us and guiding us all through our lifetimes. Our guardian angels escort us in this physical plane to ensure that we fulfill our divine life mission. There is a major difference between guardian angels and our spirit guides. Spirit guides can be our deceased loved ones or souls which we have encountered in one of our lifetimes and they want to help us in this lifetime with some issue.

The most important aspect is that guardian angels will never judge you. They see you as the beautiful creation of God and see your true potential.

It is very easy to connect with your guardian angels. You have to just call them and they will be at your side. Once you are aware and make a conscious effort in building a connection with your guardian angels, you will be able to recognize their presence around you.

Your guardian angel may be a male or female. You can easily know the name of your guardian angels. You can meditate and ask the name of your guardian angel or can request your guardian angels to reveal their names by coming to your dream. Once a name strikes you, you will get more additional messages about the name of your guardian angels. The same name will flash before your eyes like in newspapers, billboards etc.

There are a number of ways your angels communicate with you.

You will feel positive vibrations and higher energies surrounding you. Your guardian angels may whisper in your ears or give messages through your thoughts and ideas. As you connect with your guardian angels, the channels of angelic communications will open up.

Here is a simple meditation you can do to connect with your guardian angels.

When you are alone, you sit comfortably, where you are not likely to be disturbed. You may put on some soothing music and light some incense. Relax by taking few deep breaths. Visualise a golden ball of light surrounding you completely and you feel at peace. Then, you can say a small invocation, “My guardian angel, I want to connect with you. Please come before me.” You may see or feel the presence of your guardian angel. Try to connect with its energy. You may feel sensations or vibrations in your body, i.e. a sudden cold or warmth around you. Trust your feelings. Don’t doubt. You may ask the name of your guardian angel. You may ask any question. Don’t fret if you don’t get a clear answer. You can afterwards ask your angels to give clear messages.

angelic signAngels can leave some signs to let you know that they heard your prayers and they are there with you, these are called angelic signs.

Make your guardian angels your best friend and communicate with them as much as possible and you will be able to develop a strong connection with them.

If you want to know more about your guardian angels and develop a deeper bond, you may contact us.

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