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Healing & Manifestations with Candles

Healing and Manifestations with Candles

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Healing or Manifestation with candles or Candle Magick, as it is widely known as, is one of the alternative therapies that have been used since ancient times. Instant healing and manifestations are observed using this alternative therapy.

In this course, we teach you simple yet powerful technique to use candles and essential oils to heal your issues and manifest your desires.

Healing and manifestation with candles is a simple yet powerful technique which makes use of candles and essential oils to heal and manifest.

In this course, we teach the following:

  • Introduction to the importance of candles in healing and manifestations
  • The Process of Healing and manifestation through Candles
  • Importance of Moon Cycles in the healing and manifestation process
  • How to formulate intentions into writing
  • We will tell you which colours of candles to be used for different manifestations
  • We will tell you about the different essential oils to be used for specific purposes

In this course, we teach you simple yet powerful technique to use candles and essential oils to heal your issues and manifest your desires. If you are interested in learning this unique technique, please contact us. For groups, we can hold the courses at your location.

Candle Magick is one of the most simplest yet it is considered most powerful and effective forms of healing. If you notice the spelling of Magick here, it is magic with a K, denotes white magic and differentiates it from the black magic, which is used for harmful purposes. Candle mangick is used only for beneficial purposes and one should not use it to harm anyone.

Candle magick or candle healing can be used for healings, manifestations for money, success, good health, love spells, relationships etc.

Candle magick or candle healing makes use of the power of thoughts, fire, smell, and time. The combination of these four elements used in the candle magick makes it a powerful tool.

Intention is very important while carrying out the candle ritual. One should be very clear about the goal and clearly visualise the outcome.

We use different coloured candles for specific purposes. Choosing the right coloured candle is very important for the spell. For example, green is used for money and healing, red is used for fast manifestations etc.
After you select the candle, we use essential oils for dressing the candles. Here again, different essential oils are used for specific purposes.

In candle magick we use the phases of moon to frame our intentions. Once we are clear about our intentions, we write down our goals and burn it in the candle. While the candle is burning, we meditate on our goals, and visualise the desired outcome of our goals. We can meditate for some time, say fifteen minutes. Then let the candle burn away and clearing all the negative energies which are blocking your dreams and goals.

We have seen many miracles using the candle magick spells. To know more about how to perform candle magick and take the maximum benefit from this ritual, you may contact us.

We hold Healing & Manifestations with Candles in Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon and Mumbai India.



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