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Use the Energy of Full Moon for Cleansing and Manifestations

Full Moon is associated with high energies which can play havoc to one’s emotions and make one go crazy. However full moon is also the time for releasing and cleansing and letting go of things, habits, behaviours, attitudes, people, situations, emotions which do not serve any longer. Full moon is also the night when strong manifestations occur. So here are two simple rituals for releasing and manifesting.

Full Moon Ritual for Cleansing:

For both the Cleansing and Manifesting Rituals, it is better to have a shower and if possible have a salt bath. Salt bath cleanses your aura and detoxifies you.

It is best to do the ritual outside under the moon light, but if it is not possible, do it in a quiet place inside your home, somewhere near the window, where moon light can enter.

Cleanse your sacred space by burning sage or some incense.  You can even play on a light music. When you are comfortable in your sacred space, write down all the things, attitude, emotions, patterns, relationships, habits which you want to let go in a piece of blank paper.  You may read out aloud, “I am ready and willing to let go of …..” Read aloud what all you have written in the list.

Then light a candle and burn the paper. Meditate for some time and visualise each and every thing which you have written down in the list is getting released forever from your consciousness and life. You may put the ashes in water or in plants.

Full Moon Ritual for Manifesting:

The preparatory steps for this ritual remain the same as in case for the cleansing ritual.

When you are comfortable in your sacred space, write down all the things, people, situations, habits you want to manifest in your life. Read out aloud “I manifest…. “Read out aloud all that you have written in the list. Meditate and visualise that all the things which you have written in the list already exists in your life.

You can read the list to the full moon and leave the list out under the moon for the whole night and put the list in a safe place.

Besides the full and new moon, you can use the waxing and the waning moon simple candle magick rituals which are very effective.






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