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Happiness, Prosperity and Harmony this Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights is widely celebrated in India and on this day, we usher in wealth and prosperity by praying to Goddess Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth. Here are some tips to bring prosperity, abundance, happiness and harmony to your homes this Diwali. 1. Indian households clean their houses to get rid of negative energies. In addition to the regular cleaning, move at least thirty-six objects in your house which are stationary for a while. You can again place them back to thei

Incorporate Simple Meditation in Your Daily Life

Are you struggling to find time for your daily meditation practice? Are you overwhelmed by the loads of information in the net about various meditation methods and confused which meditation technique to follow? Does meditation mean sitting in silence for long hours and holding your breath or focusing. If you relate to any one of the statements, then I have something to say. Meditation does not mean you have find to sit in long hours in some difficult pose and in a mudra. Meditation can be as sim

Set Your Intentions for the New Year and Make 2018 an Awesome Year

Dear Beautiful People, there are only couple of days left before we make entry to 2018. As is every New Year, the powerful vibrational energy of 2018 is a wonderful opportunity to manifest our goals and dreams. 2018 is all the more powerful as it is an 11 universal year. The number 11 signifies connection with the divine, spirit guides, increased intuition, manifesting your dreams and goals. As we know that whenever we see the angel numbers 1 or 11 or 111 or 1111, they signify aligning to you

Self Love and Self Appreciation – The First Step to Create Magic in Your Life

The beauty lies in You... Yes you are indeed beautiful and amazing. You just need to accept it and believe it to your core and declare it loud to the Universe. Most of the time, we are blaming ourselves for the bad relationships, for not having money, for not  being in the right job; in fact for everything that is not happening in our lives, we find fault in us. We judge ourselves, criticise ourselves, and compare ourselves with others that we are not good enough. Every second we are s

Use the Energy of Full Moon for Cleansing and Manifestations

Full Moon is associated with high energies which can play havoc to one’s emotions and make one go crazy. However full moon is also the time for releasing and cleansing and letting go of things, habits, behaviours, attitudes, people, situations, emotions which do not serve any longer. Full moon is also the night when strong manifestations occur. So here are two simple rituals for releasing and manifesting. Full Moon Ritual for Cleansing: For both the Cleansing and Manifesting Rituals, it is b

Manifesting with the New Moon

Manifesting with the New Moon   New moon presents a powerful opportunity to set intentions on your heart’s desires. The new moon has the manifesting energies and is associated with manifesting. The new moon is the time to start fresh and make new beginnings. Here are simple tips and rituals to harness the energies of the new moon to manifest your desires. Cleanse your space: You may use sage, essential oils, incense to clear your space and get rid of any accumulated negative e

Why we fail to manifest – The number one mistake we all commit in the manifestation process

With the buzz going around the Law of Attraction and the numerous tools of manifestation, most of us have time and again have tried their hands on attracting the life they desire. However, in spite of saying out the affirmations, practicing visualisations and applying numerous other techniques, we find that we fail miserably. We are left dejected and even start doubting if the law of attraction exists in the first place. So does the law of attraction exist? Yes, it does. But why do most of us

The Universe Always Has Your Back

Everything is made up of energy. As the spiritual counsellor and the international inspirational speaker, Michele Longo O’Donnell has said, “Our thoughts have the power to instantly release positive energy or to entangle energy.”  Our thoughts and intention have the power to create our reality. Therefore it is entirely upon us where we want to direct our thoughts and intention. The Universe is abundant and limitless and wants to give us what we desire. But it depends on how strong our int

Change your Words… Change Your World

We all know that we create our reality through our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. That means what we focus we attract. Besides, thoughts, beliefs and emotions, words which we use also play a significant role in creating our reality. Positive words can help us raise our vibrations where as when we indulge in conversations using negative words, leads to draining of our energies. When we are exposed to criticism and negative words, we pick up the energy of the negative words and feel our stomac


Every thought we think, every emotion we feel, every intention we hold and every experience we encounter, shape our brain and our physical body. It is a well-known fact, with full proof scientific evidence that the mind causes physical symptoms.  Most of the modern lifestyle diseases are psychosomatic in nature involving both the mind and the body. World Health Organization reports that mental disorders are amongst the leading causes of ill health worldwide. Therefore we find that mind plays

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