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ANGEL NUMBERS – What Do they Tell You?

[bws_google_captcha] The most common way that angels communicate with us is through numbers. Angels would show us repeating number sequences. When we see repeating number sequences, it means that angels are trying to communicate with us and give us specific messages. These numbers may show up as time on your clock, or as numbers on car plates, or phone numbers or numbers on currency notes. Just notice the feelings or thoughts you are having when you see those numbers. Your guardian angels wan

The Four Important Archangels

Archangels in Greek mean chief angels and are considered to be angels of higher ranks. Archangels are the most powerful of all angels and are referred to as the managers of guardian angels and all other angels.  Different archangels have been mentioned in Judaism, Islam, Christians and other religious texts, their number also vary. However, the four most important archangels considered by most of the people are Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphiel, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Uriel. Archan

How to Connect with Your Guardian Angels

Each one of us has guardian angels who are always with us all the time from the time of our birth until the time we are in our physical bodies. There are at least two guardian angels who are protecting us and guiding us all through our lifetimes. Our guardian angels escort us in this physical plane to ensure that we fulfill our divine life mission. There is a major difference between guardian angels and our spirit guides. Spirit guides can be our deceased loved ones or souls which we have encoun

How to Connect With Angels

Angels are divine beings who surround us. In Greek, the word "angel" means "messenger of God", who delivers message from God. Each one of us, regardless of any religion or any spiritual path we follow, has guardian angels who support us and guide us in our life path. There are many kinds of angels who assist us from time to time, but every individual has at least two Guardian Angels assigned to them solely and are there with them throughout the life. So, when we know that there are angels who

Seven Signs that tell that Angels are around Us

Angels are divine beings who love to help us and talk to us. You need not have anything special to hear the messages of angels. You need to just increase your awareness to listen to the angels and receive their guidance. Angel guidance comes in the form of messages which you can hear in your mind, through dreams, receiving insights through our thoughts and feelings. Angels often communicate with you through signs and they leave hints and clues which guides you to your higher purpose. They

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