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Category Archives: Affirmations


Heal Your life is a unique healing modality which combines very effective and powerful healing modalities. Heal Your Life is a course developed by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar combining the best ancient healing techniques which has empowered the lives of many individuals who have done the course with us. Our energy body is made of chakras, which are energy centres through which the prana or the life force energy moves. There are seven major chakras in our body. A healthy and balanced chakra is respons

Affirmations for perfect Health

In our affirmations series, this week we speak about affirmations on health. It cannot be overemphasized that our thoughts have an important role in determining our health. Our self talk affects our health. Therefore, it is very important to mind our self talk and we should only talk positive about our health to enjoy optimal health. So, go ahead and say these affirmations repeatedly. 1. Every day, in every way I am getting better and better. 2. I enjoy perfect health 3. Perfect health is my

Affirmations of Money

In continuation with our series on affirmations, this blog will talk about affirmations of money, wealth and prosperity. Before you use these affirmations, one point to be kept in mind that you can never attract abundance in your life if you have blocks and negative thinking about money. If you continue to focus on how you will pay your bills, about your expenses, you will never be able to attract money. Instead of focusing on the lack, focus on what you have. Be grateful of what you have. Chang

Affirmations to Enhance Your Career

In our earlier post, we spoke about affirmations and learnt how to frame affirmations and how to use them. Our students and readers had a wonderful time working with the affirmations. One of our students gained a good rating at her office and client’s appreciation by writing daily positive affirmations related to her career in less than a month. For our readers, we will post the affirmation series related to health, money and wealth, career and success in our subsequent blogs. To start with

Change Your Life through Affirmations

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha Have you ever noticed the self talk we do with ourselves? If we notice carefully, most of the time, we indulge in negative self talks with ourselves. “I am not good enough.” “I can never be rich.” “I will never find my soul mate.” These sentences sound so familiar. And when we continuously say negative sentences to ourselves, these negative situations also manifest

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