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Angels Therapy

Contact Number: +91-9811756794 (In)


Know the exciting world of angels and connect with their energies to bring a life-lasting changes in your life. If you want to solve any problem in your life, want to make improvements in any aspect of life- money, career, health, relationships or want to manifest any of your desires, our angel therapy course will introduce you to the magical world of angels.


In our basic and advanced angel therapy courses, you will experience and live a more satisfying life with the company of angels.  The angel therapy courses will give you simple and practical tools and exercises to connect with the archangels and angels, develop and heighten your psychic abilities so that you clearly communicate with the angels and receive clear guidance from these divine beings.

The course is guaranteed to bring a strong connection with the angelic realm.

In the course, you will learn:

Basic Angel Therapy Course (One Day)

  • Angels, Archangels, and Guardian Angels – You will know about the angelic world, the different types of archangels and guardian angels. Know about the colors and different crystals to connect with the archangels. Invocation to the healing powers of the main archangels for protection and healing.
  • Specially Guided meditation for knowing your Guardian Angels and receiving guidance and answers to your specific questions
  • Developing your Psychic Abilities – You will learn to see, hear, feel, and know angel messages for you and others with the help of angels, use of crystals and using simple tools.
  • Angel Reading – You will learn the process to give angel readings for your clients with the help of the angels and your psychic abilities.
  • Cord Cutting – You will learn to heal negative situations, your relationships, remove blockages, fears, phobias, let go of the past with the help of angels.
  • Angel Card Reading– Learn to give 100% accurate answers /guidance for self and others.
  • Manifest your desires with ease with the angels
  • Know about angel numbers and their significance
  • And much more…

Advanced Angel Therapy Course (Two Days)

  • Checking of Aura and Cleansing of your Aura and Energies – You will learn how to check the aura of self and others and cleanse your energies, protect and shield yourself and release your negative emotions with the help of angels, meditations, flower therapy, using essential oils, crystals, and variety of other simple tools and techniques.
  • How to Do Cleansing of your house and office – You will learn to cleanse the negative energies of your house and office and protect your environment with the help of angels, essential oils, crystals, five elements and variety of other simple techniques.
  • Step by Step Process to Attract Your Soulmate – Learn how to attract your soul mate with the help of angels, special prayers and meditations and other simple exercises.
  • Learn to be an effective Medium to Connect to a Deceased Loved One – Learn the process to be an effective medium and receive messages from your spirit guides and loved ancestors. You will learn how to be a medium for your clients.
  • Self Healing and Healing of Others through use of light and crystals and with the help of angels
  • Learn the most effective Atlantis Healing Meditation – which brings the powerful healing properties of Atlantis Healing Temple to heal self and others.
  • Learn to give multi – card and Celtic Cross readings combining the angel and tarot cards to give accurate readings for self and others.
  • And much more…


We hold weekend classes in Delhi, Dwarka, NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, India. If interested and want more information about the course, please enquiry us by filling up the form. For groups, we can hold courses at your location.



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