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ANGEL NUMBERS – What Do they Tell You?

The most common way that angels communicate with us is through numbers. Angels would show us repeating number sequences. When we see repeating number sequences, it means that angels are trying to communicate with us and give us specific messages. These numbers may show up as time on your clock, or as numbers on car plates, or phone numbers or numbers on currency notes. Just notice the feelings or thoughts you are having when you see those numbers. Your guardian angels want to give you some messages. Here are the interpretation of messages of the important angel numbers.


111: Angels are communicating to you to pay attention to your thoughts. 111 is a reminder to realign your thoughts to positive ones and release all your worries and fears to the angels. If you were thinking about something you want to manifest, and you see 111, it means you are on the right track. A huge opportunity is opening up to manifest your goals. Stay focused and continue to think positive.

222: You are on the right track. You are at the right time and at the right place. Stay positive and know that the angels are supporting you. Ask help from the angels. 222 gives assurance that things will work out best for you and you should focus on the desired outcome, stay positive and go with the flow and continue taking steps in creating the desired results. Focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want.

333: It is a signal that Ascended Masters and guides are around you and responded to your prayers and requests. When you see 333, you must remember your ascended masters and guides. Ask them for help on what you desire to manifest. It is a sign that your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities are awakening and developing in your life.

444: It means that angels are surrounding you and supporting you. Release any fear or worry to the angels.

555: is a signal for huge changes in all areas of life. But the angels are not trying to make you worried about the changes, but instead they help you to remain positive. These changes are divinely inspired and aligning you to your true life purpose.

666: It means you are too much focused on material pursuits. It brings the message that you to not to be too much materially influenced, and listen to your heart and tune into your intuition and follow your inner voice. 666 is a call to return to balance, to refocus on being present in the moment and taking your next step on your personal spiritual path to heal your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

777: Divine Magic. You are on the right track towards manifesting dreams and goals into reality. Conveys luck. 777 is one way the angels will use to acknowledge your progress and efforts to heal yourself and to inspire, uplift, and help others, and to show you that blessings and rewards for your hard work and persistence are in store. If 777 is consistently appearing in your life, you’ve either been on a roll and in the flow of life, or things are about to really start working out in your favor. Seeing 777 is a sign that you’re on your authentic life path and making progress towards accomplishing your purpose.

888: Calls for balance in all aspects of your life. Abundance and prosperity is yours. Often the angel number 888 brings the message that something in your life needs to end or fade away soon so that you can return to balance and align with increased prosperity in abundance. 888 is a sign you have all that you need to live a more balanced and abundant life, and that you have powerful assistance from the angelic realm in making it happen!

999: Closing of a cycle. You will soon or experience endings and a sort of cleaning or clearing of old relationships, connections which do not serve your purpose. A cycle of life is ending and making way for a new phase in life. Don’t resist the change as the new phase will be more aligned to your life purpose. 999 is a sign of completion, so let go of the old and leave your past behind and start a new beginning.

000: It is a reminder that you are one with the Universe. It means that life has come to a full circle.

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