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Angel Healing and Readings

Contact Number: +91-9811756794 (In)

Angels are celestial beings and messengers of God. Each one of us has our own Guardian Angels, waiting to help us. All we have to do is ask help from them and they will be happy to assist us and bring us anything that brings us love and peace. Angels are loving beings who unconditionally love us, and their messages are always comforting, re-assuring and guiding. The love and joy of the angels should be experienced by everyone.
In our angel healing sessions, we work with your angels to answer your questions and offer insights in the specific area of life you need guidance. You will gain clarity on the issues you seek help. At the end of the session, you will feel uplifted and empowered.
Each session is unique and we employ a combination of methods depending on the condition and needs of the person. Some of the healing tools that are included in a healing session are:

Intuitive and Psychic Guidance: We communicate to the Divine to receive and deliver messages that are specific and personal to you.

Energy Healing and Cleansing:We work with the angels in different ways to restore and revitalize the natural balance the body, mind and soul. We employ cord –cutting, chakra balancing, belief work and healing of memories from past life to heal the issue from the source.

Angel Oracle Card Readings: Angel divination card readings give you confirmatory messages and guidance from your guardian angels, ascended masters and spirit guides from different realms.

  • We also conduct courses on Working with Angels.

Wish you had the angels guiding you for any question you have.. Your guardian angels are there to guide you through angel and angel tarot cards. Angel and angel tarot cards are divination tools that give you guiding messages directly from the divine beings. While doing the card readings, the angel and angel tarot card readers connect with the client and their guardian angels, and select the cards to get the messages from the angels. Get accurate card readings from the best angel card readers in the city. Also you can do yourself card readings and give your friends and family angel and angel card readings, by learning how to connect with angels and angel and angel card readings.

We have experienced angel and angel tarot card readers who give accurate predictions. We provide readings in person, through Email / Skype.

We provide Angel Healing and Readings sessions in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Noida and Gurgaon.


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