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Affirmations to Enhance Your Career

In our earlier post, we spoke about affirmations and learnt how to frame affirmations and how to use them. Our students and readers had a wonderful time working with the affirmations. One of our students gained a good rating at her office and client’s appreciation by writing daily positive affirmations related to her career in less than a month.

For our readers, we will post the affirmation series related to health, money and wealth, career and success in our subsequent blogs. To start with, we are posting the twenty five affirmations to enhance your career and success:

25 Affirmations for Career and Success

1. I have perfect clarity about my work
2. I love my career and I am enjoying my work
3. I am attracting my dream job now
4. I am in my dream job now.
5. I am offered with new career opportunities every day
6. The Universe is leading me to my perfect job
7. I have a great relationship with my colleagues and my boss
8. My work is appreciated by my boss, my colleagues and my clients
9. My job rewards me generously through praises, recognition, promotion, good raise
10. Confidence comes naturally to me and I am confident in my job
11. I find it easy to remain calm under pressure
12. I align my career with my true talents
13. Money easily flows to me through my dream job
14. I am climbing the heights of success.
15. Great jobs are finding me
16. I am regularly promoted at work
17. I am paid well for the work I do
18. My career is overflowing with success
19. My career brings me great joy and satisfaction
20. My career gives me perfect work home balance
21. My work offers me complete creative freedom
22. I surround myself with people who support my goals and dreams
23. I create my success with my skills, talents, and positive attitude
24. My career possibilities are endless
25. I have a fulfilling career which is financially rewarding

Chose four or five affirmations from the above list which resonates with you and start writing them. You must write each of the affirmations five times both in the morning and evening. You can repeat the affirmations in your mind all throughout the day.  Start doing your affirmations and share your experiences with us at

Start affirming!!!!

Anubhuti Team

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