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Affirmations of Money

In continuation with our series on affirmations, this blog will talk about affirmations of money, wealth and prosperity. Before you use these affirmations, one point to be kept in mind that you can never attract abundance in your life if you have blocks and negative thinking about money. If you continue to focus on how you will pay your bills, about your expenses, you will never be able to attract money. Instead of focusing on the lack, focus on what you have. Be grateful of what you have. Change your mindset from scarcity mentality to abundance mentality
Listed below are few affirmations about money:-
1. I am a Money Magnet
2. Money comes easily and effortlessly to me
3. I love Money and Money loves me
4. I am willing and ready to receive money now
5. Money comes to me from expected and unexpected sources
6. I am grateful for what I already have and for all that I receive now
7. My income is increasing day by day.
8. The Universe is the constant supplier of money for me and I have always enough of money for my needs.
9. My savings are more than my expenditure
10. Money is good
11. I am open to abundance and prosperity
12. Money and I are friends
13. I attract money, prosperity and abundance through my energy
14. I accept all the happiness and joy that life has to offer to me.
15. My bank balance is growing each day
16. As I do what I love, money comes to me easily and effortlessly
17 I release all negative beliefs and programs about money and prosperity
18 I clearly see and grab the opportunities to make money
19 I always have enough money
20 The more money I have, I can help others
21 I am financially free
Choose your set of affirmations. Write them. Recite them loudly in front of the mirror. Say them mentally over and over again and welcome the money flowing into your life.

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