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About Us


Kapil Kumar Bhaskar

Force and Founder, Author

He is the force and founder and Author of Reminiscences of A Seeker. He has been on his spiritual journey for more than two decades. Blessed by Adi Gurus, Spiritual Guides and Masters (who visited him out of their body form), Kapil has a deep understanding of the human psyche and has divine clarity on both esoteric and non esoteric issues. Having received divine guidance, his knowledge and understanding of spiritual matters goes beyond books and comes from anubhuti… experience.

In his own words the experiences he underwent in this sojourn shaped him to become what he is today. His knowledge does not come from books but from experiences. As he often says, “You have not got birth here, neither you will get death… The only thing you will get here is Experience…”

After a successful stint as a businessman Kapil Kumar Bhaskar gradually shifted his area of work to become a full time spiritual consultant to those lost and confused on their personal path of inner excellence. A multi faceted personality, Kapil is a spiritual mentor, a prolific writer, acounselorpar excellence. He has penned uplifting articles which have been printed inmagazines and journals within and outside the country.

Highly articulate, he debunks myths and conditioned beliefs and theories propounded by self proclaimed guardians of orthodoxy, to help people connect with their true self. He has guided and helped countless people.His radical interpretations of spiritual and religious dogmas existing amongst the masses has transformed the lives of all those who have chosen to associate themselves with him.

Through his workshops, talks and one on one healing and counselling sessions he has guided and helped countless people. His radical interpretations of spiritual and religious dogmas existing amongst the masses has transformed the lives of all those who have chosen to associate themselves with him. He helps people to identify, address and articulate emotional pains, affliction and spiritual maladies so they are able to access their inner wisdom. He is, indeed, a true interpreter of maladies.

Kapil actively works with people by helping them know what is important to them, what is it they want and how to go about to go and get it. He handles emotional issues, relationship problems, physical ailments, financial issues effectively. He instils confidence in people and they find themselves completely relaxed and at ease on the very first interaction with him. A few sessions with Kapil will make people leave their self-sabotaging patterns and well be on their path to self-development.

His clientele includes people from all over India, United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa etc.He has devised his own meditation programs and healing modalities which have benefitted people all over the world.

His lifelong experiences have now been shaped in book form, Reminiscences of A Seeker, which gives in depth information and knowledge of the dark side of the white world.

A Mentor with a difference, Kapil continues his spiritual quest which he says will last till this life… and maybe beyond.


Anju Bhaskar

Anju Bhaskar is a holistic healer & clairvoyant. She is a certified Theta Healer from THinK, USA and an angel therapist. Anju provides distance healing on physical, emotional and mental health issues. She resolves past life issues and karmic connections which helps removing blockages from the past lives which are impediments to your present life.

She also specializes in healing of relationship problems, child issues, problems and other emotions like anger, fear, depression etc. and issues which are often deep rooted from the fetus stage. With an experience of around ten years, her forte lies in treatment of incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain etc. Her patients have experienced miraculous healings after receiving healing from Anju.


Nilanjana Rao

Nilanjana Rao is a Reiki Grandmaster, Theta Healer, Angel Therapist and Certified Angel card Reader. She has a special connection with the angels and has received guidance from them from time to time in her life. She has clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience abilities which she uses effectively in her healing. Working with the angels, using Reiki, Emotional Healing Techniques (EFT), and other healing modalities, she guides and heals people for an effective solution to their problems. Her card readings are so accurate that have guided numerous people.

Her decade long experience enables her to employ a combination of various healing methods to treat physical and emotional ailments effectively. Her specialization lies in the fact that she heals various problems like physical ailments, relationship issues and other emotional traumas from the fetus stage and primeval times.

Her soft compassionate and empathetic nature complements the nature of work in an excellent manner.

Anubhuti of InnerSelf supports HIV+ kids, orphans, slum children and destitute women.Come and join us