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Anubhuti of InnerSelf – World of Holistic Healing and Transformation

Contact Number: +91-9811756794 (In)

You are not here by accident; there is a greater meaning to your existence. Your life has a purpose to fulfil. You want to live your life purpose. You want to live a life without struggle; you want to live a life of abundance in all aspects of your life. You want to have good health, loving relationships, wealth, success and anything else that you desire.
You have tried it all to come out of the rut and enjoy the life of your dreams but something is still missing. You feel stuck and nothing seems to work no matter how hard you have tried.

Nothing has been able to bring about the change you desire.

It is here we step in and guide you and lead you to the life of your dreams. We believe that each soul is connected to the Divine Source and when we operate with the blessings of the Divine from our pure and true Divine Self, we live in the natural flow of abundance.

We help you to uncover the real causes of what you have been experiencing and creating from the primeval time to this moment. We help to clear those blocks and patterns and reverse the vicious cycle and empower you to live a life of abundance – which is your natural state.

Come and join us to experience the world of your limitless abundance.

In your journey of Transformation with us, you will find:

  • Abundance in all areas of Life
  • Increased Manifestation abilities
  • Better abilities to cope with Stress and Tension
  • Peace of Mind and State of Relaxation
  • Better Health
  • Increase in Finances and Success
  • Healing and Intuitive Abilities
  • Ability to Connect with the Divine and Receive Divine Guidance

To be abundant in all areas of life

We hold various holistic healing courses for self healing and healing of others. These alternative healing techniques have proved to be beneficial in all aspects of life i.e. physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual. Students attending our spiritual healing and self help courses have reported amazing benefits in all areas of life. Their understanding of the problems have taken a new dimension and being equipped with the healing techniques, they are able to solve their problems in a more compassionate manner. Our students have reported better health, improved relationships, better finances, more confidence etc. Whether you want to improve any area of your life, or you are on your spiritual journey, now you can have experienced and personal teachers to guide you on your path. When you do a course with us, you become a part of our family and you get free lifetime assistance and consultation for the course or any other issue in your life. We give personal attention to each of our students.

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HEAL YOUR LIFE – LEVEL -1 (Reiki Level -1, Mantra Chanting, Meditations & Healing)

Date : 9th March, 2019, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

HEAL YOUR LIFE – LEVEL -2 (Reiki Level -2, Meditations, Symbols, Healing through Colors)

Date : 17th February 2019, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

Please call at + 91-9811226529 / 9811756794

It was really a great experience when i met Kapil for the first time and the way I got clarity on certain issues in a simplest manner. Really it was amazing looking forward for more in future. Grea  

Jasbir, Delhi, India

Meditation with the Master

It is a unique meditation brought to you by Kapil. In this powerful meditation, Kapil provides a powerful avenue of self awareness and growth, both in material and spiritual life. Meditation with the Master brings you a unique Anubhuti – experience .. Sitting in the comforts of your own homes, you just connect with the Master at a specified hour which is told to you and watch the magic unfold.. It is a group meditation where people from all over the world meditate at the same time. Wonderful experiences like solutions to problems, stability in various aspects of life, miraculous healings, astral travelling, premonitions, manifestations etc have been experienced and observed by seekers throughout the world.

Courses and Programs

Angels Therapy
Angel Card and Angel Tarot Card
Reiki Healing
Past life Regression
Healing and Manifestations with Candles
Theta Healing


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Anubhuti of InnerSelf supports HIV+ kids, orphans, slum children and destitute women.Come and join us