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How to Heal Yourself and Others with Reiki Healing

Reiki – An Intro to this Amazing Healing Technique   All of you have a curiosity about the healing technique of Reiki, how can it help you, how to become a Reiki healer, how to heal self and others. So here is a brief article to give an overview of this ancient healing technique. We will discuss the Usui Reiki system developed by Japanese monk Dr. Mikao Usui. In Reiki healing, the healing takes place by channelling of the universal life force energy for healing. The term “Reiki” is

How can Reiki Benefit You?

We have lots of people asking how Reiki can make a change in their life. Well Reiki can benefit an individual in every way. Whether it is healing any physical health challenge, or to heal a relationship or improve the finances, cure an addiction, get over fear or phobias...the list is endless – Yes Reiki can heal everything. When one practices Reiki daily, it restores the body’s natural state. All the body functions like heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels come to the normal le