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I see the world the way I have painted it…..

—— Kapil Kumar Bhaskar

The ability to think is what makes us different from all living species on this planet. That itself speaks volumes about the importance of the ability to think….I remember what my mother used to teach me as a child… As is our thought…So is our Deed…So is our destiny…….

It took me years to understand the depth of this age old saying. Yes, it is true… we are what our thoughts make us. R W Emerson, the famous poet and essayist who led the Transcendental Movement has quoted very aptly about this, “Man is what he thinks about all day”.

So if thinking is so important then we should also realize that what one thinks is of prime importance…. Your thoughts can either make you … or break you.

However, before we discuss the power of thoughts and how to use thoughts to manifest, let us dwell into what thoughts are.

Thought is the genesis of all creation. All creation whether tangible or intangible, all originates from thoughts.

Thoughts are deeply influenced by the condition of our body, mind, emotion and intellect and vice versa….our body, mind, emotions, intellect get deeply influenced by our thoughts. It is a vicious circle which keeps going around leading us to a merry dance of confusion, contradictions and conflicts. This constant tug of war prevents us from living a harmonious existence both at the conscious and sub conscious level.

Thoughts also get colored by our perception of people and situations. Different people are found to react in different ways in a given circumstance as their perceptions and in extension, their thoughts, are generally influenced by their cultural, social and religious beliefs and their environment which in turn influence their reactions and actions towards the situation.

There is increasing scientific evidence that is our biological bodies respond to our thoughts. Negative thinking leads to unnecessary worries and stress which in today’s world is the major cause for most of the diseases and illnesses. When we are in a state of negative thinking, our blood pressure increases, the sympathetic nervous system becomes overactive leading to secretion of stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol. Similarly, positive thinking leads to secretion of happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin. Therefore, the inner dialogue, the conversation which we are having in our mind is very important for our health as our body responds differently to the different states of our mind. Every mental process has an effect on our physical body.

 One might ask that we all know that negative thinking is harmful but what should we do to correct it or replace those negative thoughts with the positive ones.  But we might say that it is not in our hands to dictate what we think.

AWARENESS… Awareness is the answer. The more we are aware of our thoughts, we are better equipped to divert the negative thinking into positive thoughts. The moment you find yourself drifting into negative thinking, if you are aware, you should say a loud NO and STOP. Initially, you have to practice deliberate positive thinking. It might be difficult in the beginning to have positive thoughts, especially in adverse situation, but with practice, you will soon notice a change in you and your surroundings. Be with positive people, read good books and if watching T.V, watch good positive and joyful programs.

Let us change the way we think, to live our life in abundance, joy and peace … Whatever situation we are in, can never change by worrying or thinking negative. Negativity begets negativity and will never lead one to a positive, constructive solution to the problem at hand. However, a positive mindset can definitely make the situation look less intimidating and also lead one to get positive solutions for the problem at hand. Your thoughts definitely have an impact on your Being if not on the situation….

As Lord Krishna said that you just have the right of doing karma (action) but the result of it is not in your hand. Whatever you are getting in this moment is exactly the way it should be because it is as per your past karma… So whatever it is we should not worry or get upset, let’s keep moving forward without the worry of outcome of all your good deed. The results will come to you one day definitely… Let’s celebrate this moment as life exists …

How many times have you stepped outside and not even noticed how the sky looks like? How much do you notice things and places while traveling? We are just so engrossed in the thoughts of past or future that we altogether miss the finer moments of life and joy of this moment. We are only busy in making false castles … Life is made up of experiences, big or small. All experiences are momentary as in one second they exist and in the other second they become history….

Let’s Feel them And live every moment in positivity. Our positivity should not depend on the experience… They are just experiences of life and life is like this… We need to acknowledge the situation and be grateful for the experiences.

Be aware of your thoughts and surround yourself with things and people who teach and give you positivity in life., Use good and positive words for yourself and others. Love life and accept the process of life with complete understanding….. This is much easier than to keep suffering in your negative thoughts and harbouring resentment toward acceptance…. Choice is yours – accept it gracefully or keep crying ….

You will be amazed to see how effortlessly your mind becomes a free flow of positive thoughts, just like the clear stream which flows effortlessly, without any restraint. Positive thoughts are associated with higher vibrations of love, joy, happiness, gratitude and you will find yourself in a state of inner bliss no matter what your external situation is.

I would like to end the article by quoting Author Henry Thomas Hamblin,

You are the architect of your own life; it is yours to make or to mar. By the power of thoughts you are building; are you building it right?”

Few Points to Remember and Implement in Your Life:

It is only a thought, and I can change my thought.
When I really know my true self, everything in my life works.
Every thought I think is creating my future.
I am responsible for all of my experiences.
The point of power is always in the present moment.
I love and accept myself as I am
I accept others and situations as they are

The bottom line for me is “Life is an experience … live it with joy and full acceptance.”



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