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Manage Your Stressful Work Life Through Reiki

A recent study has shown that four percent of global deaths are caused due to long sitting and working hours. It is indeed alarming as most of us spend a large part of our daily life in our workplaces. The reasons attributed for this are a lack of physical activities and high-stress levels. In fact, stress management is one of most searched keywords in the Google search engine.

In today’s modern lifestyle we cannot but avoid stress. And stress due to professions is one of the major causes of stress. Today’s corporate lives involve stiff neck competition, strict deadlines, and targets to be met, office politics, which makes our lives hell. In such a situation, your stress hormones like adrenals, cortisols are sure to raise leading to lifestyle diseases. Repetitive stress over longer periods of time has a detrimental effect on our nervous system, endocrine system, and immunity.

Stress management gurus are making moolah by selling stress management techniques. The first and foremost advice which one would get in any of the corporate training or any of the Gurus in the ashram is that not to take the stress. However, to be frank, it is difficult or in fact impossible for a common man not to be stressed. One might attend these hi end stress management training once in a year or in six months or take a break and go to a meditation retreat in a luxurious ashram. But these techniques, the effects of inspiring talks end the moment one leaves the retreat or training sessions. Or their effects might stay with us for a week or fifteen days after our return. The moment we again encounter an angry boss, the dirty office politics, you forget all those talks and are back in the same stress mode.

So what is the solution? We must first realize why stress occurs. Stress occurs because we are incapable of handling a situation. If we understand the energy systems, we would realize that stress can only occur when our energy bodies are weak. The perils of modern day lifestyle are such, that the five elements in our bodies are disturbed and even a minor situation affects us very deeply, leaving us susceptible to stress, emotional upheavals, and depression.

Reiki is a scientifically proven method that can benefit us in not only effectively managing stress but also can enhance our productivity. Reiki balances our body’s energy centers known as “chakras”. Reiki brings about relaxation and healing by removing blocks to the flow of energy in our bodies resulting in balance in all levels.


Reiki helps us reconnect with our heart, realigning us with our Higher Self.


To gain access to this amazing healing technique, you can learn Reiki and start practicing Reiki for dealing with stress in your daily lives.

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