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How to Connect With Angels

Angels are divine beings who surround us. In Greek, the word “angel” means “messenger of God”, who delivers message from God. Each one of us, regardless of any religion or any spiritual path we follow, has guardian angels who support us and guide us in our life path. There are many kinds of angels who assist us from time to time, but every individual has at least two Guardian Angels assigned to them solely and are there with them throughout the life.

So, when we know that there are angels who are there as our best friends, wouldn’t be a good idea to connect with them so that we can receive and interpret their guidance in a better way. Your guardian angel is near you, waiting for every opportunity to connect with you. In order to have a more personal relationship with your guardian angels or any other angel, you can use any of these methods:

1. Ask for Help: In order to receive guidance from the angels, you must talk with them in a direct fashion as though you are talking to your friend. You talk of your deepest desires. You can write down your desires, talk with them, sing a song, write down affirmations etc. You can ask in any form, which ever you are comfortable with. You have to just ask.

2. Surrender to the Angels: Once you have talked about your problems or shared your deepest desires with the angels, surrender to the angels. Have trust in them and be assured that the angels will guide you from time to time.

3. Associate with the Angels: The angels will communicate with you by sending signals or leave behind signs. There are numerous ways in which the angels communicate. It might come through ideas, inspirations, an urge to do something etc. They might leave behind signs like feathers, coins, a sweet fragrance around you, feeling of well being as their presence around you.

4. Gratitude: Be grateful to the angels and for life in general. Give thanks for the gifts which you are about to receive.

You can strengthen your relationship with the angels by reaching out to them and connecting with them. Angels are always there with you, even though you are not aware. Start living in awareness and allow yourself to receive the gifts that you desire.

Angels Blessings!!!


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