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The meaning of the word Healing is to become whole – whole not to the stage before the onset of any lacking butto the wholeness as it should be.

There are many forms of healing and healing can occur on all levels- physical, emotional and spiritual (soul). The most popular healing on the physical level is the modern day conventional medicine. There have been many breakthroughs in the medical field; however conventional medicine works only on the physical aspects. It works on the curing of symptoms and treats the human body as purely physical.

On the physical level, we know that a human body is not exactly the same today as it was yesterday. Every breath we are takingof each inhalation and exhalation,we are recycling our bodies by breathing out 10 22atoms into the Universe.By the end of one year, the whole body is completely recycled.In such a scenario, the question still remains that when every atom changes then why we are still carrying on the diseases to the new body. The explanation to this is that the one thing which is not changing is consciousness.

Therefore, when we treat diseases considering the human body as only physical body or a machine,healing fails to occur.

We also know that every thought we think, every emotion we feel, every intention we hold and every experience we encounter, shape our brain and our physical body. Through numerous studies, it has been found that when we worry about a future condition or worry that a particular illness may occur and continue focusing on that thought, the physical body physiologically changes itself in order to prepare itself for the future scenario. The body will respond in a manner that the future condition has already manifested in the present. The autonomic nervous system gets activated and the corresponding stress chemicals are synthesized leading to the onset of the disease. Louise Hay, the famous author has ascertained that each and every disease has an underlying emotional cause. For example, lack of joy causes heart problems, self-criticism causes headaches, cancer is caused due to deep hurt and resentment and so on.

The holistic healing world is not limited only to the physical factors, it works on purely on the consciousness level i.e why and what has made us to live in consciousness (the kind of life) which is limiting our selves.
All healing modalities work on two principles: working within you to make oneself whole to reach to higher vibrations and the second way is to take the help of external forces i.e. divine beings (higher consciousness) for manifestations…

Focused thoughts can bring about instant manifestations; that is the power of thoughts and beliefs. There are numerous stories about miraculous healings where people have healed themselves by holding positive thoughts, emotions, practicing meditations or even have laughed their way to health. Dr Joe Dispenza had fractured his six vertebrae in a car accident and chose not to undergo a must surgery and used the power of his mind to resurrect his vertebrae and he could walk in three months. Modern day healing techniques like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, use of affirmations, visualizations all work on changing the thoughts and belief patterns.

There are many healing therapies available to us like Reiki, Sahaj Yoga, Pranic Healing etc. which works on to balance our internal energies to bring about healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. On the other hand, there are other healing techniques which work with the help of angels, ancestors, spirit guides, divine guides and different planes.

Alternative healing methods have even corrected genetic diseases which are passed on through generations. Healings can bring about complete well being beyond the physical body. My suggestion to the readers will be to step into the beautiful world of healing and make the investment of learning this ancient technique for complete well being as we say prevention is better than cure.


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