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Reminiscences of a Seeker


Reminiscences of A Seeker – The Dark Face of the White World by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar

The book Reminiscences of A Seeker – The Dark Face of the White World is a true story of the author which gives you a deep insight into what exactly happens in today’s world in the background of sadhus, yogis, masters.

The true story explains the existence of the dark side of the spiritual white world paranormal world which is as much real and any ordinary person can get caught in the illusion of the world unless one is careful. It brings forth the real face of wily “Gurus” and fake masters who befool innocent seekers by playing on their deepest fears and weakness.

The book also gives the readers a glimpse of how “tantra” and black magic are carried out for selfish gains and hidden motives. However, their implications can be fatal to the practitioners.

This book is to guide all those people who are already on their spiritual journey or are about to embark on one or are interested in spirituality, paranormal activities. In Kapil’s own words, “I have learnt the hard way and got trapped in the mystical world but by sharing my experiences with the public I wish my readers take a prudent approach when they are on this path. It is easy to fall prey to the so called ‘Gurus’ who give false promises and take advantage of ignorant seekers to fulfil their selfish motives. It is very important for seekers who have just started on their spiritual journey to carefully choose their teachers or ‘Gurus’ since it is very easy to get swayed and trapped. This book will also show them the light of hope and guide them how to identify a True Master rather than getting trapped into the shackles of the ‘flamboyant’ and ‘flashy’ teachers, who in the name of spirituality, have opened up their shops with hundreds and thousands of followers.”

A thrilling true account of an ordinary man plunged into extraordinary circumstances of the Dark World.

About Kapil Kumar Bhaskar


Kapil Kumar Bhaskar

Force and Founder, Author

Kapil Kumar Bhaskar has been on a spiritual journey for more than two decades. In his own words the experiences he underwent during his sojourn shaped him into becoming what he is today.

After a successful stint as a businessman, Kapil’s interest shifted towards spiritualism, reflecting profound divine encounters he had since childhood. He is now a full time Counsellor and Spiritual Mentor to those lost and confused on their personal path towards inner excellence. His knowledge does not come from books but from experiences.

Kapil has been inspiring and guiding people through direct interactions and writings; he has penned uplifting articles which have been printed in magazines and journals within and outside the country. His lifelong experiences have now been shaped in book form which gives in depth information and knowledge of the dark side of the white world.

A Mentor with a Difference, Kapil continues his spiritual quest which he says would last his lifetime and maybe beyond…

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